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At one point or another nearly every person has had the dream of going around the world and seeing some the most marvelous sites imaginable. Planning and paying for these trips has been the major stumbling block for most intrepid travelers, delaying their well-deserved trip, if not making it impossible.

A full-service travel agency, like Do Travel With Doris, of Monmouth, IL eliminates most of these excuses by identifying and handling all of the key issues that come up while planning for such a trip.

We handle everything from seeing the Panama Canal to taking a leisurely trip throughout Europe. Each trip we plan includes every detail, from where to eat to finding the highest quality hotels that fit your budget.

We guarantee that you be thrilled with the quality of your trip, since we would have worked with you every step of the way to select the perfect destinations and activities.

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We Handle Every Detail

Do not worry about your trip – every detail is covered.

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Day/Multi-Day Trips

Plan a day trip or a quick weekend getaway.

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European/US Travel

Enjoy the sights within Europe and North America.

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Caribbean/River Cruises

Enjoy a trip to the sunny Caribbean or float down the river in comfort.

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Do not worry about getting to your destination – every detail is covered.

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